Today is the Questionnaire-day (Q-day).

Q-day Today is the Questionnaire-day (Q-day). The IE3 team launches a survey  to investigate the gap between contemporary industry knowledge needs in implementing I4.0 paradigm and the offer of Universities in the area of Industrial Engineering and Management. The survey consists of 4 questionnaires, each of them being designed to assess the opinion [...]

Today is the Questionnaire-day (Q-day).2020-05-20T09:06:59+02:00

Scientific studies for educational purposes on IE&M

The first two scientific articles have been published by the IE3’ academic team. The papers are available at the section Results of our website in pdf version. You will be allowed to download citation codes in three different formats: Bibtex, RIS and text. These studies represent the baselines on which the new educational [...]

Scientific studies for educational purposes on IE&M2020-05-19T11:17:19+02:00
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