Decision making and machine learning

A couple a weeks ago I was kindly invited to take part of a guest lecture on the behalf of Implema for the masters program of Industrial engineering and management at LIU. In their fourth year, every student gets the opportunity to become “student consultants” [...]

Data quality into Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is really a revolution in all aspects, but maybe not for all companies and maybe not just now. There are many definitions of Industry 4.0 and most of them include the use of AI and digitalization. One of the ideas with AI is [...]

Virtual reality and Training

Virtual reality is a slogan that appears more and more often in the context of industry, in particular training of operators, technicians and service technicians. Polish companies also use VR technology, an example of which is the project currently implemented by Enea Operator in cooperation [...]

IE3 Communication channels

Nowadays the communication is arising as being of paramount importance for all the activities that human beings undertake, from private to job affairs. People indeed feel the need of being constantly connected with communities they either belong to or are far away from. This approach [...]

What about the Associate Partners?

As addressed with an article published the 5th February 2021, the communication activities are of paramount importance for the accomplishment of project outcomes. This process is fed by the conjoint efforts made by the consortium as a whole under the leadership of one company specialized [...]


The abrupt appearance of COVID-19 have induced transformative effects in all domains, including industry. The need of many operations becoming remote (work, education, entertainment, connecting with friends…) has shown that the technologies associated to the 4th Industrial Revolution offer tools to perform remotely many operations [...]

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