Machine Learning in Operations Management

Operations Management is an area where new technologies are used and tested to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the management activities. Recently, AI based decision making (Artificial Intelligence) and practical applications within operations, specifically manufacturing, have been in the spotlight.

AI has been and continues to be one of the most promising areas for technology development. Within a not-so-distant future, these technologies will be utilized and regarded as common knowledge. A general understanding of AI will be of importance for all working within tomorrow’s business environment.

This module will provide an overview on AI and especially Machine Learning and the goal is to make Machine Learning one of the tools in your toolbox for a certain type of problems.

The module contains an introduction to AI and Machine Learning with the most common Machine Learning approaches. It also highlights Machine Learning applications in Operations Management.

The content is divided into four parts. Each part contains a filmed lecture, lecture slides, and a quiz. The module is examined with a quiz on content and a larger calculation exercise using the K-Nearest-Neighbours algorithm (KNN).

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