The module will allow the learner to understand the concept of Lean Transformation of industrial systems and the related main models and tools.

The approach is based on micro-learning, and the contents are organized into 2 Units. Materials are short videos, readings, quick quizzes for self-assessment, practical case studies and exercises developed in collaboration with the industrial partner.

Unit 1 scope is understanding the concept of the Value Stream in production systems:

• What a Value Stream is (Basic concepts about Lean and wastes in production);

• How to map a Value Stream (Elements of a Value Stream, Value Stream Mapping and symbols);

• Key Performance Indicators for the Value Stream (Cycle time analysis and definition of losses in production).

In Unit 2, the focus will shift to learning:
• How to improve a Value Stream (Continuous improvement and PDCA cycle, Value Stream Design);

• Tools for lean re-engineering of production systems (Decoupling: Buffer and supermarket, Production leveling and control, Closed loop kanban circuits).

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