Industry 4.0 technologies to combat climate change.

Climate change is one the greatest challenges we face today. As this is becoming more alarming globally, countries are realizing the impact of their current habits. In June 2021, the European Union adopted a European Climate Law, establishing the aim of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in the EU by 2050. Later this autumn the COP26 meeting in Glasgow was held. One of the interesting outcomes from COP26 is that countries agreed to close off the double counting [...]

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About cooperation between Academia and Industry

The IE3 strives for synergetic cooperation between academia and industry. Partner companies support universities in improving the courses and adjusting them to market environment and requirements. This was the reason why on 29th of October students from 2nd semester of Logistics systems semester visited the Alcomot production plant in Czarnków. The purpose of [...]

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Digitalization of Managerial Processes: The pending revolution.

Business world is moving towards online and, even though strong transformation is happening in the technical applications with more IoT devices and more sophisticated digital twins, the same intensity is not observable into management processes sphere. There are elements such as inertia, change resistance, cultural factors playing a role in hampering the expected [...]

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IE3 at the 63rd Council Meeting of ESTIEM

Professor Giovanni Mummolo has participated to the 63rd Council meeting of ESTIEM where also met the AIM board in Seville on the 11th November 2021. Thanks to the strong engagement to renovating the educational offer of Industrial Engineering and Management Higher Education, the IE3 associate partners – ESTIEM and AIM - and IE3 [...]

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