The kick-off meeting of the Knowledge Alliance “IE3 – Industrial Engineering and Management of European Higher Education ” was held at the Polytechnic University of Bari on November 21st and 22nd 2019.

The project will pursue the designing, testing and dissemination of a New Educational Model of Higher Education in Industrial Engineering and Management to contribute in increasing the quality of 2nd level academic curricula in Europe. The model will follow a ‘Pull’ approach able to meet Company Needs by Academic Education Offer which should be ‘Innovation-oriented’/ ‘Business led’ (cognitive tasks) in the framework of I4.0 paradigm.

The projects is ambitious as it will contribute to increase the competitiveness of the European companies by Human Capital and knowledge workers’ availability that great part will have for the economic growth of the European Union.

The meeting was attended by representatives of:

– the four university partners, namely Prof. Mummolo (also on behalf of the associated partner ‘European Academy for industrial Management) and Proff. Mossa, Digiesi and Facchini from Polytechnic University of Bari (lead Partner of the Project); prof. Janerik Lundquist from the Linköping University; prof. Joaquin Ordieres from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; Proff. Marek Fertsch, Joanna Oleśków-Szłapka and Agnieszka Stachowiak from Poznań University of Technology;

  • the six company partners, namely dr. de Stena Felice, dr. Pasquale Francesco and dr. Ciannamea Paolo from the Bosch Tecnologie Diesel Italia; Mrs. Hanna Gołaś CEO of Alcomot (Poland), Dr. Gianluigi De Pascale from INFOTECH (Italy); dr. Jörgen Aronsson (CEO) and dr. Eskil Rehme from Implema (Sweden), dr. Carlos J. Urueña on behalf of Arruti Catenaria (Spain) and dr. Alessandro Guadagni and Giuditta Pasta from VALUEDO (Italy).
  • the two Associated partners, namely Mr. Joao Oliveira Duarte from ESTIEM (the European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) and the European academy for Industrial Management.

During the meeting the general goal of the project as well as the specific goals of the project work packages have been discussed to achieve a common understanding of activities to carry out as well as of schedules and duties.

All attendees contributed effectively and the meeting was really successful also in establishing personal contacts and mutual knowledge among the partners.

Giovanni Mummolo

Project Leader of the “IE3 – Industrial Engineering and Management of European Higher Education ” Professor of the Polytechnic University of Bari

President of the European Academy for Industrial Management