The meeting was attended by almost all university and company partners.

Results focused on education & training convergences and divergences and company good practices in Industrial Engineering and Management (IE&M); they showed major elements that characterize I4.0 paradigm.

The analysis of quantitative questionnaire provided an interesting picture on major knowledge needs expressed by companies and higher education offered at master level by Higher Education Institutions. Results showed a significant interest of companies for soft skills like team working, communication and leadership skills as well as technical skills like IoT, Data Mining, AI, ergonomics and logistics.

Results obtained have been considered of great interest also due to the meaningful size of sample of stakeholders interviewed (75 Companies, more than 100 professors, around 200 Alumni and around 400 students attending IE&M throughout Europe).

On the basis of results achieved, the consortium will be engaged in next weeks in setting up the final report of survey results and start building the Body of Knowledge in Industrial Engineering and Management as a reference framework for setting up new courses or programs in the field of IE&M or for their updating.

Giovanni Mummolo

IE3 Coordinator

July 4, 2020