The IE3 project’s 1st work package and 2nd work package are being conducted and some stages have been already completed integrating academics and students from European countries.
In order to prepare Body of Knowledge project members collected data from Universities (HEIs) and Companies.
The total number of HEIs identified by LIU, UPM, PUT and Poliba on the basis of list of HEIs from partner countries is 235 HEIs. It is a product of the first stage which is the basis for further research. The research teams were responsible for identification of IE&M programmes offered by HEIs. The results of the research conducted among HEIs in 4 European countries prove that Academia recognizes the need to equip managers with knowledge on industry, manufacturing and engineering (see Figure 1).

At second stage there are selected IE&M programmes offered in the Academic Year 2019/2020. Programmes have been identified by the set of key words: Industry/Industrial & Management, Engineering & Management, Production & Management, Manufacturing & Management. The total number of programmes in each partner country varies between 21 and 97. It depends on the specificity of the education system in a given country and the variety of curricula offered at universities.
Despite of partners countries syllabi analysis also covers different European countries offering IE&M programmes at 2nd cycle such as: Belgium – 26 courses, Germany – 26 courses, France- 21 courses, Finland – 15 courses, Latvia – 11 courses, Portugal – 11 courses, Hungary – 9 courses, Serbia – 8 courses, Great Britain – 8 courses, Netherlands- 7 courses, Slovenia – 4 courses, Republic of North Macedonia – 3 courses.
Furthermore data was collected from companies, alumni and students on the basis of previously developed questionnaires. 75 companies, 178 Alumni, 106 Professors and 300 Students answered these questionnaires and research is still in progress. At the nest stage BoK will be elaborated in order to outline both theoretical framework and technical specifications for redesigning IE&M courses in HEIs