IE3 project points out that “A critical mass of Knowledge Workers (KWs) is required to fill the gap between the ever-increasing deficit between demand and offer in the field of Industrial Engineering and Management (IE&M) in Europe.”

The deployment of Fourth Industrial Revolution (I4.0) tools requires knowledgeable and well trained workers and IE3 project has so far detected the main skills necessary in the industrial engineering and management area. Although the “picture” obtained refers to a normal situation, the current extraordinary and long lasting disturbance in Europe (and rest of world) due to COVID-19 matches particularly well with the main objective of the project, which is  “to design and test innovative courses (both classes and e-learning modules) in IE&M… introducing cutting-edge learning techniques and tools.”

Thus, current circumstances have increased the urgency to be able to develop e-learning modules to teach and train engineers in I4.0 tools. Consequently, IE3 project objectives and methodology are highlighted and their successful development and implementation will be of great helpfulness for the European industrial companies.

Carlos Urueña