European projects are initiatives of actors dealing with a specific field linked to one or multiple economic sectors, spanning from research to education and cooperation. The conjoint work of multiple actors leads to results that account for a comprehensive number of stakeholders able to address many corners of the subject that is object of the project itself. The success of this process is guaranteed by a couple of reasons:

  • Project proposals are evaluated at European level by highly skilled experts before being granted;
  • Approved projects are strongly monitored by the European Commission to assure the results attainment.

However, achieving outputs is just the first step of the project development. Indeed, a second goal is to spread out the results in order to generate outcomes. These latter refer to capability of having impacts as larger as possible around the European area at least.

To get this done, the European Commission stated that:

  • the results generated by European Projects are open to anybody interested in;
  • the stakeholders shall be informed of the project results by the project partners themselves.

Thus, the communication and dissemination activities play a substantial role to spread out and stimulate the result replications, so that yielding outcomes whence the stakeholders benefit.

InfoTech Team