In order to fill the gap between demand and offer in the field of Industrial Engineering and Management (IE&M) in Europe, IE3 project is developing innovative educational courses and tools for regular classes and e-learning modules. These new teaching material is addressed for both university students and industrial companies engineers and managers.

In the case of Spain, the analysis of this educational gap performed by IE3 Spanish project members shows that the current national offer for IE&M programs do not appropriately integrate the tools available from new technologies to improve applications for engineers and managers in areas such as project management, organizational design and standardization of communication between human workers and cybernetic systems.

UPM partner has developed a new version of the course module “Project Management: Advanced Tools and Techniques” that takes into account the educational gaps detected and the new at-distance learning needs imposed by the current societal events (COVID-19, European conflict emergency…) So, it has been required a significant shift from the traditional view (promoted by institutions such as Project management Institute) towards a multidisciplinary view of different methodologies, but also to include digitalization dimension. A far more digitalized version of some topics, such as Time and Cost Management, where many different alternatives to the classical scheduling techniques are

available, with dozens of cloud and local pieces of software helping to this end has been the educational answer from UPM to the current challenge.

The feedback from ARRUTI partner has been very positive and the UPM developed e-learning module is already being successfully used by some engineers and managers.

Carlos Urueña, MSc in Industrial Engineering, ARRUTI