Source: Self elaborated by using as context an Industry 4.0 picture from “”

There are specific trends in the European industry following a fast-track the digital transformation, which requires that education of future cohorts of engineers becomes aware of them. There are few of those trends where education become a must:

  1. Both IT and OT systems are being moved to cloud, which requires to define, maintain and update the adequate framework but also the proper strategy to success in the endeavor.
  2. Pervasive IIoT penetration in many different type of processes, which in combination with the previous aspect are demanding deep knowledge about cybersecurity issues.
  3. Advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques applied to different aspects (quality, mixed scheduling schemas, etc.) in particular when applied to massive process data.
  4. DLT (Blockchain 4.0) as a convenient tool for supply chain applications.
  5. Finally, but yet importantly, quantum computing. Quantum computing will completely redefine what a computer is and could bring computing power that is millions times more powerful than supercomputers today.

All these fast-tracking paths make even more relevant initiatives such as the IE3 project, both, because of the proposed framework but also because of the developed modules.

Written by Joaquín B. Ordieres Meré, UPM