43rd AIM Annual Conference

Professor Giovanni Mummolo presented the research entitled “European Strategy for Knowledge Transfer and Transformation of European Higher Education" at the 43rd AIM Conference 2021: «Facing Uncertainty in Higher Education in IE&M due to Pandemic Crisis: Towards a New Education Paradigm» that was held Novi Sad [...]

Hybridization: The new normal in IE&M

As far as digitalization activities in companies become trending topic, interesting connections with management arise. This can be an interesting opportunity for new students in the field, when they become outstanding in using those new sources of data describing the on-going processes. In the current [...]

IE3 supports developments for a better future

One of the main objectives of an Erasmus project is to spread out the results as wide as possible in order to reach the target groups that have been devised in the project proposal. This aim becomes even more relevant in a world vexed by [...]

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